Who we are

Who we are

We are an international company, with presence in Canada and Mexico, committed to giving our customers the best educational solutions available in the market worldwide.
GLCC is an official and national evaluating instance of the English language and a teacher’s training center, offering our customers the best opportunities for their professional development. Our evaluation tool, GLCC English Test, is validated by CENNI (Certificado Nacional de Nivel de Idioma), which is the official certification from the Ministry of Education in Mexico, and COPEI (Colegio de Profesionales de la Enseñanza de Inglés, AC).

Our objectives

1.- To develop and manage educational projects with a high social and pedagogical impact, in Mexico and around the world. To train teachers of languages, in general and specific aspects, by giving them methodological, pedagogical, digital and analogical tools, for them to improve their teaching techniques and to grow professionally.
2.- To offer our customers (public in general and language teachers) educational solutions to obtain valuable training throughout our cutting-edge technology.
3.- To offer an official and national certification of the English Language, recognized by the government of Mexico (CENNI).
4.- To contribute with the professional development of the Mexican English Teachers, so that they can improve their English level as well as their teaching methods and techniques inside their classrooms, an aspect of great benefit to our children and young adults, improving their own job opportunities.
4.- Contribuir con el desarrollo profesional de los docentes de inglés en México, para que puedan mejorar tanto su nivel de idioma como su práctica dentro del aula, generando a su vez más oportunidades laborales para los niños y jóvenes de México.

Who do we work with?

Who do we work with?
- General public
- Language teachers
- Government and private sector employees
What do we do?
- Learning platforms design
- Development and management of educational projects
- Official and national certification of the English Language
- Teachers’ training
- Educational exchanges promotion

Our methodology

Our online courses replicate situations from real life. This provides a learning environment that combines ideally the multimedia content with the simulation of a real interaction. The e-learner develops his/her linguistic abilities in a natural way, throughout progressive, structured and flexible lessons. These facts give our learners the opportunity of mastering the language.