Mission, vision and values


To provide the educational environment in Mexico with the latest solutions for the learning process, with the aid of experts in pedagogy, information technology, and communication, by giving our customers the individual and collective tools they need, with the aim of helping them with their professional development, as well as with their knowledge updating and by offering didactic and innovative services and products.


The innovation of methods and solutions related to language learning and other subjects, by means of the use of the latest tools, giving support to the transformation of the teachers’ professional development in the required areas by the educational system, throughout strategic alliances and the use of traditional and digital solutions in Didactics, offering an official certification with the purpose of integrating the Mexican teachers in a global System.


- Innovación
- Responsibility
- Respect
- Service
- Integrity
- Creativity
- Quality
- Compromise
- Leadership

Our policies

Service policy
- The customers receive the service they were offered.
- We look for alternatives to give solutions to individual needs.
- We listen attentively to the problems and give them attention.
- The customers receive the complete information about the services we offer.
- We offer our customers a good treatment, positive attitude, personalized attention and quality in all our services.
Respect, equity and inclusion policy
- We understand and value all people.
- We do not discriminate.
- We promote equity.
- We treat everybody with dignity and respect.
- We assume our responsibility.
- We promote respect and knowledge of the different cultures.
- We promote inclusion.

Personal Data Protection

GLCC takes the data protection seriously. This is why our customers sign the personal data protection form when they register in any of our courses, certifications and projects.