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2 julio, 2019

Am I a good teacher?

There is always the doubt; a heavy day of work, hot, where the students do not listen, do not assimilate the information, it seems that the teacher is not in the room, we are only a shadow...
18 julio, 2019

How can I be a better student?

I don´t understand what my teacher is saying, I just feel lost in the classroom, I want to leave, I get distracted so easily, I don´t want to be here anymore, why did I ever decide to study English?? Who told me I would be a better academic is mistaken, I hate English!!!
6 septiembre, 2019

How to make a class interesting and fun from day one.

Hello again teachers! We just finished this summer holiday and started another school year. Are you ready to face the new challenges that overcome together with a new academic year?