Am I a good teacher?

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2 abril, 2019
How can I be a better student?
18 julio, 2019

Am I a good teacher?

There is always the doubt; a heavy day of work, hot, where the students do not listen, do not assimilate the information, it seems that the teacher is not in the room, we are only a shadow, we see papers flying around us, we think that soon a box of pencils will also fly and hit our faces ... and at that moment we wonder if we are really doing our job correctly, if we know if our performance is good, what do students think of us? This whirlwind of thoughts invades us in just seconds, we would like comments but we dare not as we fear the answer, in this article we will give you some tips to know what is needed in the classroom to avoid disaster and achieve true learning, we will know if We are good educators and what tools we lack to achieve perfect performance.

We will start with some questions:

  • 1. Am I a teacher or am I a guide?
  • 2. Am I a dynamic person in the group?
  • 3. How do I start my class?
  • 4. How do I finish my class?
  • 5. Do the students change places from time to time?
  • 6. What is my class dynamics?
  • 7. Do students get involved enough?
  • 8. Is there an affective field between the students and us?
  • 9. How do I encourage teaching / learning in the classroom?
  • 10. Do I comply with my class plan? Improvise to improve the dynamics?
  • 11. What is a teaching / learning activity?

And so we could continue for hours and hours doing more than a thousand questions, in this blog, we will find answers to many of our questions and many more will come out


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